Innovate Your Way UP!

Key Text: 2 Chronicles 26:15, 14

He made skillfully designed ENGINES in Jerusalem to shoot arrows and catapult large stones for use on the towers and on the corners. So his fame spread even to distant places, for he was marvelously helped until he became strong.

One of the distinguishing factors between successful people and the “not-so-successful” people is in the power of innovations. The major leading companies in our world today have achieved major feats through innovations. Companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple and the likes came into the lime light via innovations and have been able to sustain themselves only by constantly bringing on board new inventions.

This trend did not just start in the last century; it’s well dated back to the scripture times; one of which is recorded in the story of Uzziah who became king at age sixteen (16) and then began to make engines of war. These engines were superior to what previously existed. The Israelite armies needed not to fight at close proximity with their enemies like they did before with swords and arrows, but from a very far distance and at a fast pace they can shoot thousands of arrows and hurl huge rocks at their enemies.

The scripture recorded that Uzziah became very strong and his fame spread abroad because of what he had invented. He was also greatly blessed by the Lord because he walked in the instructions of God through the mouth of Zachariah the priest.

In the words of Richard Branson, he said “There is no substitute for innovation. Original revolutionary ideas will always rise to the top”.

Here’s the question: have you become so accustomed and comfortable to the norm in your industry? Are you so used to how things are done that you hardly see a way of achieving better results with less effort? Or will you be one of those that will open the door to a new revolution and usher in the new age with new ways of doing things?

Remember, no matter how great something is, it can still be improved. Start building your own ENGINES!

You will succeed!

Prayer: Sweet Holy Spirit, reveal to me new ways of achieving better results. I receive wisdom for witty inventions and innovations that will bring about liberation in my generation and many generations to come.

Gbenga Solademi ©


Twitter: @gbengasolademi



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