Earn the right for “Recommendations”.

Key Text: For I have endued Bazalel with wisdom in every form of crafts

It’s the desire of many to be called upon when people or organizations need a skill and expertise that you possess or a product or service that your organization render. Life even gets a lot easier when we get the job or the business deals by recommendation rather than staying in line waiting and lobbying to be considered.

Bazalel enjoyed God’s recommendation. He must have been one of the best in Egypt in the works of silver and of Gold. Even though the text made it clear that God endued him with wisdom, it would have taken Bazalel hard work, impeccable character and dedication to have earned God’s recommendation and trust when it came to the sanctuary project. The same way God blessed Bazalel with wisdom and certain unique gifts, he has also blessed each and every one of us with one gift or the other.

David was recommended in his absence to play the harp for King Saul while he was still keeping sheep at the backside of the desert. Joseph was recommended to interpret the king’s dream while he was still in Jail. Both of them didn’t get the recommendation by chance; they had put themselves into what God had already put into them.

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You- Steve Martin


Don’t be a half-baked professional, work very hard at becoming smart, take those courses, attend all the trainings you can attend, practice at home by yourself when no man is watching. Preach to yourself and your three family members as if you were preaching to a million people and wait to see how God will begin to recommend you for the next big thing.

When given a little opportunity, do it beyond expectation: Little opportunities when maximized are what produce the big breakthroughs and recommendations you’ve been waiting for.

If you lack the skills in your field, you may not enjoy man’s considerations, talk less of God recommendation. Push your skills to the limits today and earn the right to be considered even in your absence.

You will succeed!

Prayer: Lord, grant me the discipline and the grace to be the best in that which you have called me to. I shall begin to enjoy favorable considerations everywhere i go and blessings where I least expect in Jesus name.

Gbenga Solademi ©
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