Who’s on Board? -Team Building 2

Key Text: Proverbs 15:22

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

One of the rules of success in life is to submit your decisions to the scrutiny and review of “WISE COUNSELORS”.  It is only in very rare cases that you find yourself doing something that has never been done before or charting a course for which no one has ever attempted.

Building a team also requires building your network of mentors. A lot of disappointments and heartaches will be avoided if you get the right people to take you by the hand or point you in the right direction. Mentorship is now the single-biggest catalyst in the growth of many successful enterprises; take advantage of it.

Moses enjoyed the counsel of his father in-law, and was saved from the web of frustration. Joash who became king at age seven could only have survived under the mentorship of Jehoiada the Priest. Timothy enjoyed the mentorship of Apostle Paul, and the disciples enjoyed the direct mentorship of Jesus. Solomon had numerous counsellors and advisers and from his wealth of wisdom still affirms that “There is safety in multitude of counsel”

Building a team of advisors shouldn’t be an empty exercise to merely discuss ideas to flatter them or to honor yourself; the purpose is to get direction so you can shorten the time to success.

Many people miss out on good counsels because of PRIDE; they think of themselves so highly and often feel they know better. For them a mentor is “that wealthy man” who is currently receiving accolades on the stage of life. But a mentor could be someone that is at least one step ahead of you in at least one area of life. It is not a function of age, gender or race; it is a function of relevant experience.

Intelligent men will learn from their mistakes, but wise men from others.

Create a board of counselors and a circle of advisors, be open to them, listen and learn as much as you can. Do not let fear or pride become a stumbling block to your success. Your “advisors” are not limited to only successful figures in your industry, it could be in your boss, colleague, or subordinate at work. It could be your spouse or even someone way younger than you are.

The more good counselors you have in diverse area of your life; the better. As you expand your circle of advisors, you should also pay it forward by being a mentor to someone else.

You will prosper.

Prayer: Lord, hold my hands and lead me in the path that I should go. Grant me the confidence and humility to deal wisely with those whom you have sent into my life.

Gbenga Solademi

Twitter: @gbengasolademi

Website: www.gbengasolademi.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gbenga.solademi


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