Get Into Town!

Key Text: Ecclesiastes 10:15 KJV
The labor of fools wearies them, for THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO GET TO THE CITY!

When God created Adam, He gave him work as part of the deal: to tend the garden. Work is meant to be a system of increase, work is supposed to be a source of blessing and it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Solomon in his wisdom draws a correlation between the work that wearies the fool and his lack of direction to the city. A city is a center of population, trade, commerce and culture; a town of importance, characterized by trends, knowledge and development.

Getting to the city means three major things for businesses:
1. Getting the required know-how for your business, career or craft
2. Using the current and proper tools to achieving effective and efficient results
3. Positioning yourself in the midst of the market where your products and services are most needed

When you have the technical know-how, the proper tools, access to knowledge, and most importantly access to the center where your goods and services are most needed (and patronized), your labor would not weary you. But the moment you lack one of the above- you would lose your way to the city and be headed in the direction of exhaustion.

Bishop Oyedepo says “It is not hard work, but wrong work that wearies city2men”

So, if you are not getting excitement from your work consider improving your skills set, consider getting the right tools, and consider packaging (or repackaging) yourself. Make yourself visible where you are most needed or consider switching if what you are doing is not in tandem with your purpose.

Also worthy of note is that different businesses have their own unique “cities”: for some their “city” may be located in a village and for some it might be situated in the metropolis.

Re-brand yourself if you need to, re-package your resume, invest in training, invest in current tools, learn from successful people, get your business online, re-write your proposals, join the rotary club, go for networking meetings of industry experts, sell to other people outside your family and friends.

Don’t let your work wear you out: Get your map, and get into town.
You will enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Prayer: Sweet Holy Spirit, open my eyes to see what I really need to see, give me clarity on the next steps to my place of assignment.

Stay Blessed.
Gbenga Solademi
Twitter: @gbengasolademi


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