Do Your Assessment

Key Text: Galatians 6:4 ISV
Each person must examine his own actions, and then he can boast about his own accomplishments and not about someone else.

Examinations periods are often excruciating times. Students are stressed out with the thoughts of test and continuous assessments. Some starts reading all night, taking coffee and energy drinks to keep awake, only a few relax because they have prepared and practiced all along.

Assessments help us to check whether or not we are on track, it keeps our progress compass on alert and helps us identify areas where we are lagging behind. But the reality is that many avoid any form of assessment: be it self-assessment or external examination. Candidates that are stressed out during their examinations are often times those who have refused to assess themselves before the test.

Avoiding assessment is “avoiding progress”. Whether or not we assess ourselves, the time of reckoning will soon be here. Will it not be better to examine ourselves, before others or life itself examines us.

“In business, when you measure what you are doing, picking the measurements that count like customer satisfaction and performance; that’s when you thrive.”-Bill Gates

How are your goals for the year going? How are your sales calls going? How is your savings plan going? Did you start the business you said you were going to start this month? Are you on track with the book you are writing? How about your book reading plans? How are you doing spiritually? What of your bible reading plan? Ask yourself questions in those areas you are working on..

Anything that is not measured will not get achieved! Check yourself out today, keep the promise you made to yourself. Do not let your “mind” loose respect for your “words”

You will not miss the mark.

Prayer: Father, help me daily as I press towards the mark. Give me confidence to assess myself and the strength to surpass the targets.

Stay blessed.
Gbenga Solademi
Twitter: @gbengasolademi


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