Name Your Price!

Key Text: 1 Kings 5:6
“Now therefore, command that they cut for me cedars from Lebanon, and my servants will be with your servants; and I will give you wages for your servants ACCORDING TO ALL THAT YOU SAY, for you know that there is no one among us who knows how to cut timber like the Sidonians.”

One big complain amongst employees and entrepreneurs is that of having to settle for less compensation for the services they provide either in their workplaces or with their clients. To win contracts and gain market acceptance, companies now engage in unhealthy price wars, which often lead them to cutting corners and ultimately under-performing on their promises. It seems that earning the respect of naming your price is now out of reach.

However, in building the temple for the name of the Lord, Solomon was determined to give nothing but the best to the work. To achieve such a grand result he had to make use of the best. Here’s where it gets interesting; the people he hired for the work got to name their price. Solomon said “I will pay you according to all that you say”; How come? “For you know that there is no one among us who knows how to cut timber like the Sidonians” he concluded. 1 Kings 5:6(b)

There is no business that cannot attract any level of pay. Your level of skill determines your level of remuneration. Your skill level which is only proven by your past jobs (and testimonials) is what determines whether you will call the shots or you will be priced low.

To achieve this feat, you cannot just be the best you can be: You must be “THE VERY BEST”! You must be a standard amongst those that are standing. Out of those that meet the standard- you must stand out, and amongst those that stand out- you must be THE OUTSTANDING ONE.

Whether you are on a job or in a business, if you commit to offering excellent services, avoiding shoddy jobs or cutting corners, you will soon earn the right to naming your price.

You will succeed.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, grant me the inner strength and the discipline to maximizing the potential within me.

Remain blessed.
Gbenga Solademi
Twitter: @gbengasolademi


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