Don’t Confuse these Five Activities with Business

There are quite a number of misconceptions that budding entrepreneurs often have about business. Entrepreneurs that get caught up in these activities may never launch a business.The activities listed below are important in getting to the right place in business but they are not business in themselves.

1. Business is not just having an idea

Often times I have met people who think they have a business when in fact they are no where close to having one.They believe once you have a great idea you are already in business.They do everything to ensure that the idea is not shared with anyone so that their gold mine is not tampered with.

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10 World class businesses that started in SCHOOL

One of the best times to start a business is when you are in school. Below are some businesses that started in school and today they are on the list of the most successful businesses in the world. So if you find yourself in school, it’s an opportunity to start without too much risk; we never can tell, you may get on the list too.

1. Dell

Founder(s): Michael Dell
College: University of Texas at Austin
Year Founded: 1984

As a freshman majoring in pre-med at the University of Texas at Austin, 19-year-old Michael Dell founded a computer company then, named PC’s Limited with only $1,000. Continue reading

12 Advises to follow if you really want to fail

There are literally millions of books, articles and blogs on what to do to be successful, but we still have an unbelievable number of people who are still wallowing in the habits of failure and others lining up to join them soon.

If you want to fail very well i recommend that you go ahead with these habits and attitude or join the people currently doing them today:

1. Continue to make excuses

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