10 Businesses you can start while still in School

Student Businesses

Are you still in school and looking for some ideas that can make you some extra income? Probably your parents ain’t sending you enough money, or you just want to try out your entrepreneurial skill: below are a few ideas you can get started with. Every business or venture needs dedication, and it’s not different whether or not you’re still in school.

1. Tutoring

Well, to make money from this you must “sabi book” be good at a particular subject. You can offer special classes for a little fee from people. You can be a private teacher of a secondary school (High School) or Primary school student. This is a very good option especially if you are good at Mathematics and core sciences.

2. T-shirt Business:

If you really want to cash into the milk and honey of your school mates, then you may consider starting a T-shirt company. All you need is a sense of humor, a little graphic design skill and a printer. Students are always looking for ways to express themselves. This is a Very big opportunity that can transcend beyond the wall of your school and can go ahead to becoming a big brand- maybe bigger than FUBU and KERUSO.

3. Comedy/MC

If you have a great personality you can make a lot of money being a stand-up comedian or Master of Ceremony (MC). Quite a lot of events happen on campuses and if you have proven yourself in one or two events you may be in for a ride. But do not expect to make money from your first couple of shows; you might have to do it for free. If you get a lot of positive vibes from the crowd you might want to set up a comedy show for a little gate fee.

4. Arts & Craft

If you have some skills in making jewelries from beads, and cheap material like leather. This may be a great opportunity for you to cash on as well. The thing you should know is that students are always looking for ways to express themselves especially through anything fashionable. You will not just buy and ready-made beaded jewelries but to make the best of the opportunity, you have to customize to individuals taste.

5. Website design

You can offer to design websites for small business around your community. In fact, if you are lucky, you may design a promotional website for your student association exco campaigns. There are quite a lot of small businesses that do not have online presence. If you keep your price down, you may be able to get quite a few- and remember, there is maintenance fees that you get to collect annually.

6. Unique Food Stand

This works like magic if you can plan your time. Do not go into full restaurant ‘cos you may not be able to manage it. You want to sell stuffs like grilled chicken and meat (Asun) in the evenings or even during the weekend. You are sure to get a lot of customers especially if you are in or around a campus that have food restriction (say they only serve vegetarian diet); your customers will crave meat and they sure will look for you at the slightest opportunity.

7. Graphic design

If you have design and graphic skill you may also be able to make some money while in school. There is always one event or the other that will be coming up soon. From shows to student’s association week to departmental programs and lots more. You can position yourself as the go-to expert for the design jobs.

8. Start a magazine about your subject.

If you are a guru, you can start a magazine about and around your subject of study/interest. You can feature other students or lecturers writings in your magazine. Your revenue should be focused on advertisement. The money might not be very impressive but this will surely position you for the job market once you are out of school.

9 . Do laundry for your guys

This works in an environment where you have big boys and girls, you should find a handful in the private higher institutions around. If “ego” will not get in the way, you can arrange to do laundry for your hall mates. You don’t have to wash these dirty clothes yourself; you can hire a wash man or just take it to a laundry for a commission.

10. Sell Stuffs like Perfumes and makeup.

You can leverage on your integrity if you’ve got any left, by getting make-up stuffs like lip gloss, lip liner, eye liner, mascara, lip balm, lip stick and perfumes on credit from a merchant and then make returns once you sell them. These items are FMCG on campus..You bet!

Now you must apply common sense to your fantastic idea to keep yourself on track:

  • Remember you’re still in school and you do not want to goof on your school work
  • Don’t get into anything that is illegal
  • Don’t compromise security, safety and hygiene just to make “change”
  • Check any rules your institution before starting a business.

It’s not about money alone, offering something beneficial to your school or the community can go a long way on your resume.

Finally, almost everybody has got an idea, but how many people follow through. The best time to start is NOW; better still while you’re in school. If you have ideas that you think can sell in schools please share it below. Or if you have started a business on campus let us know how it’s going.



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