How to get money when you don’t have a Job or a business

This is one of the “Realest” questions or concern that has plagued many who find themselves in the middle of No job and no business.

Whether we like it or not, we have to consume as long as we are alive and the key  resource of getting our needs met is via Money- Currency.

Here are five (5) solutions to keep the pressure down during this moments of shear confusion.

ASK: When I say ask, I do not mean BEG. Asking to exchange something that you possess for some cash from family and friends. This puts you in a better situation than just pleading for money. When you ask if you can come around to help them do some menial jobs at home say: watch the kids, clean their house, run certain errands for them while they are away at work- often times they will feel better helping you rather than just beg for money. And the good thing is that they may give us more than what we actually did, ‘cos they are friends anyway.

Check All your clothes for Money: It may sound funny but it works a lot of times, especially if you have not been broke for too long. Do not “leave any stone unturned”

Sell somethings you don’t really need. You may have stuffs that are not too important for you- extra shoes, phones, arts, bicycle, whatever you don’t need. Put them up for sale online on sites like amazon, ebay, olx (if you are in Nigeria) or just offer to sell them in a bazar.

Make looking for a job your MAIN JOB. At this time you should focus on getting a job. They may be very low paying job, this is not the time to do too much negotiations. There are many “low hanging fruits” jobs that you can find (teach in a Primary or secondary school, office assistant, security, adult care, day care, whatever.. go to church and ask your pastor if you can be of help in the church office… you can find countless jobs on online job boards (,,

Become a volunteer. The last advise i have here is for you to go offer yourself as a volunteer at any non-profit organization or a for-profit organization if there are opportunities for volunteers. Make sure its not too far from where you stay otherwise you will spend more money on transporting yourself to the work location. If you put in your best, you will likely get stipends from that company.

The key at the end of the day is that you need to offer something to the world for you to get something back. That’s the only way the world go round, otherwise you will loose your dignity.

If you have other advise on how to make money when jobless and business-less, please leave your comment below.



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